Friday, 9 August 2013

What's in the package

Nobody in the security realm is going to shed any tears over the suspension of the Sourceforge project. It is, at best, a poor substitute for other freely available distributions of Linux tailored to security tasks—most notably Backtrack Linux, an Ubuntu-based distribution that comes configured with a much broader selection of penetration testing, hacking, and "stress testing" tools. While I didn't find any evidence of trojans or rootkits while traipsing through its internals (and WireShark records of its network traffic), it's probably most useful as a snapshot of what overeager Anon wannabes would run on the USB stick they keep hidden under their pillow.
Before installing Anonymous-OS, I poked around the contents of its DVD image and found that it was created using, a tool that creates a full-system backup of Debian and Ubuntu based operating system installs up to 4GB in size and turns them into bootable DVD images. There's no way to actually install the image onto a system; however, you could waste your time like I did and use UNetbootin to create a bootable USB version of the image.

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